Styling with Plants

I am obsessed with plants. Its a fact (even though they might not all make it out alive). Indoor plants calm us, make us relaxed, clean the air and hide the lived in smells of our home.

Indoor plants are having a huge resurgence as people are wanting to soften minimal and contemporary spaces and bring nature inside. The greenery needs to be carefully curated, though it still has to be clean, bold and also thrive in its spot. Use contrasting foliage texture for interest. Pots can easily blend with interior decor, we are seeing more pots with texture and character come through, although shapes are simple and we still want the plant to take centre stage.

TREND ALERT - If you cant commit to a live plant try some foliage pieces in an oversized vase or a vintage piece.

Tips for indoor plant success:

1. Firstly, choose the right plant for your conditions and climate. Indoor plants in general like a well-lit filtered sun position. Avoid placing them next to hot western sun coming through windows in the afternoon. Dark areas need special consideration.

2. Cacti and succulents can work well inside – but check, as some demand full sun all day – common jades and crassulas work well, epiphyllum trailing succulents are great. Keep them drier inside.

3. Use one bold floor plant with height – giant-leaf strelitzia, fiddle-leaf fig, and ficus ‘burgundy’ all perform well – and use smaller trailing plant on shelves or coffee table plant specimen for interest.

4. Best performers in darker spots include peperomias, aspidistra and all mother-in-law’s tongue (sansevieria) varieties, devil’s ivy for trailing.

5. Apply liquid feed, such as Nitrosol or Aquasol, to plants every fortnight during the spring and summer.

6. As a general rule when watering, best do it in the shower, sink or outdoors – drench the plant to make sure its fully damp, then allow to dry out in between watering, although check your individual plants need. If your plant is very dry it may need a bucket soak.

7. If you take plants outside for a holiday in the sun make sure its soft morning sun only or they have a shock and leaves could easily burn.”

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