The Perfect Open Home In 5 Steps.

We all know that house hunting can be daunting and well repetitive, so here are some thoughts on how to make your next open home a winner, whether your an owner or real estate agent.

1. Have a nice set up fresh linen that you put on the bed the day of the open home and then put away until the next one to stop it getting dirty and stale. Plus who doesn't love the smell of fresh linen?

2. PLANTS! Get those plants inside! They mask lived in smells, or invest in a naturally fragrant plant like jasmine to get it smelling amazing.

3. Play up the season or weather! If its raining get the fire place going and make it cosy, or if its a killer summer day then make the place bright, light and open. note: Best to plan ahead with this one

4. Keep it ambient. If you're missing the dimmer or some pendents to create ambience get some get candle holders to act the exact same may and you can always move them and play with different heights! - Keep them high enough that the kids cant grab them.

5. Keep it fresh, take any tired homewares away and dress it with some new ones or contact a stylist to help dress it for you.

Heres to a great open home!

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