How to make 2017 design trends work practically for you

As 2016 is coming to a sudden but likely end, we are now exposed to the design trends of 2017. Although you may have read about what they are - how to do actaully make practial use of them ?

Some of these trends we have been accustom to for some time, some are going to take a while to get our heads around and some way be a repeat of the 80's.

Whatever these trends are, love them or hate them - we are going to show you how make them work for your home.

1. Hello there, Terracotta.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. Terracotta, Gran and Grandpas place, throw it back to the 90's.

But like most repeated trends with will be terracotta with a twist.

Forget the rustic nature of it, or the paths that were enclosed with a terracotta boarder and think more sleek and chic. Keep it simple with a matte finish and only use as a feature.

Think Santorini, earthy shades. Brushed white wood table. Blue china dinner set. Yeah? Yeah.

An easy way to bring this trend into your home is to update your plates with greece insprired prints and terracotta trimming, replant your indoor plants and house them in some chic terracotta pots (matte ones of course) or invest in a terracotta coloured rug.

2. Lets cork about it.

No we are not talkging about cork floors or notice boards. We are talking about warm and practical feature walls that would be an asset to any room.

Bring this trend into your home in a budget friendly way with cork homewares ie: Pendant lighting or take the jump and apply to your choice of wall inside or outside.

3. Get a little fancy.

It is time to move over scandi and bring in over the top luxury to the bedroom.

Bring this into the home with the use of velvet, upholested bed heads and mettalic accessories. To get the longest life out of your new bedhead, pick a neautral colour so you can mix and match soft furnishings such as bedding and cushions.

4. Closed living plan.

The open living floor plan is out and the closed living plan is in. But before you go changing your floor plan completely start with one quiet room such as a parents retreat, study or libary or enclosed kids area.

5. Jewels.

It is time to over haul your interiors and add those touches of luxury. Accessories your home with touches of jewels such as mettalics, metals, raw cut quartzs and opals to add a touch of sparkle. To complete the look dress your windows in sheers, silks or light fabrics.

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