As a "Stylist" the most difficult space to style is your own. Why? I have to think of budget ( and stick to it), I try my hardest to stick to my own style and sometimes that a bit of everything, and lastly I need to make sure it all fits (even the odd bits) and the layout works. So if I could give you any cheat sheet this would be it - it helps me avoid a major melt down every single time.

1. Start BIG and work your way in.

Okay lets take a moment look at the space well and think of want you want first. From there, get your choice of sofa, coffee table, lamps, and other big furniture before going to the smaller pieces. It'll help in adjusting and balancing the furnishings. BONUS: A tape measure will be your best friend in this process.

2. Want modern ? keep it neutral.

I always try to keep it neutral because I know I will be using the neutral home-wares alot longer than the on trend pieces and will have less of a desire to change them too often. If you do go out there with the colour however just make sure they actually work.

3. Elegant and timeless

If you are struggling for a style, simply go elegant and timeless. Look for pieces you are going to love 10 years from now. BONUS: Think Hamptons...

4. Color power.

Just make sure you use complementing colors, and nothing too flashy or out of scheme. FREE DOWNLOADABLE: SEE COLOUR CHEAT SHEET

5. Finish with accessories

To finish off and tie the space togther always use accessories last. Start with classy metallics, then add subtle elements that make the look more you. Vintage pieces or indoor plants are great choices! and dont freak out with a space you dont like until you add the accessories as you may end up loving it with a killer palm and great cushions.

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