The Art Of The First Impression.

As a small business Owner, Founder, Director... One head with many hats, I know the importance of a first impression. This can vary from the first impression on a date, a loved one, a business proposal, the party of a life time, or even your dream home.

The fact is.. at the end of the day it all comes down to your visual identity and how that correspondences with the audience receiving it and according to the experts you only have 7 seconds to do so.

image via greater goods

As a Creative Director I cannot stress that when you have that someone land on your blog, social media, website, party, or open home you only have 7 seconds to love them, embrace them and keep them there before they're gone.

After all at the end of the day whether it is for personal reasons or business, it is all about the photos. Through the photography we sell ourselves, our business, our product and we also look back at those photos as memories with loved ones for those once in a life time events such as Weddings and beautiful mile stones. So if the photos are below par, they will let and your audience down.

Having done the hard yards and working on whatever your project is visually before launching it out to your audience can save you so much stress and energy in the long haul .

So my take away thought is -

"First impressions are the most lasting - proverbs "

If you need an over haul of your first impression be it interiors, events, business or property, email our little studio to discuss how we can create magic.

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