Fast Homewares.. The Price We Pay.

Unless you have been living under a rock in one way or another you would have heard about the term "Fast Fashion". The term ‘fast fashion’ refers to cheaply produced and priced garments that copy the latest catwalk styles and get pumped quickly through stores in order to maximise on current trends. Once having 4 seasons a year it is said that Fast fashion stores can have up to 34 seasons a year. With Australia newly home to fast fashion stores H&M and Zara we have also been exposed to the ever growing fast homewares and interiors. Where the latest interior trends are reproduced at dirt cheap prices allowing us to chop, change and dispose of these homewares as we like.

So what is wrong with decking your home out with on trend items... that are so cheap you're basically stealing them? Sounds like a dream right?

Here are our tips so shop sustainably and smart when it comes to fast homewares.

1. Do you actually need it?

Okay STOP Aimee! I say to myself as I look at the new chairs kmart has released.. do I actually need them ? where am I going to put them ? Yes they are cheap, yes they are very one trend.. but where will you put them? WHY do you NEED this item? .. I don't.

Only purchase items you need and have a purpose behind purchasing, because after all no what what it costs.. even $10 is a lot for a dust collector.

2. Where did the item come from?

Yep.. I am a fan of Australian made and as the owner of a small business I have an understanding of the importance of supporting the little guy. Because when you purchase that ceramic b that someone has had to think and imagine before creating it and then actually making it with their own hands.. it makes you understand the worth behind it. Because the truth is I am going to appreciate, love and nothing going to discard a ceramic a local designer made but I will probably get rid of that ugly trinket dish that was "so 2016" that I cost me $5.00,

3. Upcycle or Recycle.

Check out your local classified to see if there are any goodies that have been upcycled or could be an nice and easy DIY project for yourself otherwise head over to Etsy Because they have their own range of upcycled goodies for sale!

4. Avoid being on trend.

I am all for having your place look like the pages of vogue but the trick is that none of those home are "on trend" they have all designed and curated their homes to their tastes and for their lifestyle. That's the secret.

If you need a hand to shop sustainabley and find your style get in touch with one of our stylists.


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