2017 The Year Of Greenery Pantone

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the beginning of 2017 you would be aware of the ever growing 'greenery"around us from social media to the super cool trend of indoor plants.

You can thank all of this to Pantones 2017 colour of the year "Greenery". Self described as " fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. "

I personally love the lush green and silent reminder of a exotic outdoor oasis that is naturally calming. note: Download FREE Create Calming Interiors Mini Design Plan

So here are 5 quick ways to get your fix of 2017 "Greenery".

1. Soft Furnishings.

A quick and super inexpensive way to try out a trend or new colour palate is with soft furnishings. Try out of your bed or a neutral couch. You can start with layering one or two cushions or throw over some beautiful neutral fabrics to create a lush little spot.

source: ali express

2. Do some reading.

Why not buy some cute books that will not only bring in the colour palate you want but also educate you on the subject of other ways to bring in greenery as well.

We personally love INDOOR GREEN LIVING by bree claffey.

source: Freedom

3. Buy something you can eat off of.

Invest in some great new ceramic plates! We love this one because you can style them however you like under plants, on book shelves or even eat off them and use them in a dinner table setting.

source: Jo Headington

4. Does it smell good?

If you are about to buy some new candles or oil infusers try a scent that has the colour palate you would like in its packaging or maybe the oil has a green ting to it. BUT do not sacrifice colour over a scent you love. Just put some great foliage next to it or some green trinkets.

source: ecoya

5. Indoor Greenery

If you havent jumped on the band wagon already GET AN INDOOR PLANT! There is no better greenery than the natural kind. They filter your air, depending on the plant remove lived in smells and just help create your own little oasis.

Need help implementing these hints or want to create a completely one of design for your home ? Contact us and we will create your dream space.

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